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1. Apostille: Apostille is a certification by the Ministry of Justice and Public Order, that all signatures on a local public document are valid, in countries outside Cyprus. All countries in the Hague Convention of 5th October 1961, accept Apostille. Countries not participating in the Hague Convention, need legalization of documents through the Embassy or the Consulate of the country of destination.

The usual Apostille procedure for a Power of Attorney, for instance, is to issue the document by the company, directors sign, certifying officer certifies the signatures, District officer certifies the signature of the certifying officer, and the Ministry of Justice and Public Order, certifies the signature of the District Officer.

When is an Apostille needed? When a Cypriot public document will be used abroad, in a country that accepts Apostille. (Check it on www.hcch.net)

2. Legalisation: Legalisation is the procedure to have a Cyprus public document Certified to be used in a country abroad, not accepting Apostille. The procedure is different from Apostille, as the document follows a different procedure, visiting different Government offices and an Embassy or Consulate accepted by the country of document destination.

For example, a Power of Attorney issued by a Cyprus company, will be signed by the directors, their signatures certified by a certifying officer, the district officer will certify the signature of the certifying officer, then the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will certify the signature of the District Officer, and the Embassy or Consulate will certify the signature of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

When is Legalisation needed? When the Cyprus public document will go to a country not within the Apostille countries (check on www.hcch.net).

3. Translations: We offer Certified Translations through the Press and Information Office of the Government, which can then be Apostilled and send abroad. From most languages, to most languages. Normal or fast service.

4. Certification: We offer a mobile Certifying Officer service, where a Certifying Officer will visit your office, board meeting room, hotel, law office, to certify in his presence signatures on documents. Identification documents must be presented to the Certifying Officer. The Certifying Officer may refuse to certify documents under certain circumstances.

5. Other Services: We provide other services like searching for information on your behalf, in different Government offices or elsewhere

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